Ukrainian borsch with pampushkas (dumplings)

Ukrainian bortschSimmer meat stock. Cut beets into fine lices (like shoestring potatos), add some salt, vinegar essence, tomato-sauce, sugar, and saute the ingredients till they get half-done. Onions, carrots, and parsley should be whittled and rouxed in butter. Put segment-cut potato into the simmering stock and cook till it gets half-done, following which add some cabbage; when the contents will start to boil, put in the prepared vegetables, the gently sauteed and diluted with the cold stock flour, bay-leaves, and pepper. The well-done borsch should be thickened with pounded grease and cloves of garlic. Put into the plate some sour cream curdled together with the finely cut greenery. Serve to the table with pampushki. Recipe for making pampushki: take flour, sugar, diluted in warm water leaven (yeast), some vegetable oil and from this dough bake tiny round rolls. Grate garlic with salt, add some vegetable oil, boiled water, stir the mixture and pour the resulting sauce over the baked rolls.

To cook borsch take the following: meat — 400 g, beet-root — 250 g, vinegar — one tablespoon, tomato-sauce — 72 glass, sugar — a table-spoon, one bulb of onions, one carrot, one root of parsley, butter — 15 to 20 g, 4 to 5 potatoes, 1/2 to 1/3 head of cabbage, one table-spoon of wheaten flour, grease — 20 g, one garlic-hop, black round pepper, bay-leaves, salt. To bake pampushkas take flour — 400 g, sugar — a table-spoon, yeast — 12 g, vegetable-oil two tea-spoons, three cloves of garlic, some salt.

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