Ukrainian dishes

Ukrainian dishesFrom the times immemorial the Ukrainian food proved to be one of the best, — and nowadays this national culinary art has been enriched and further developed. The most characteristic feature in this art of cooking rests with the resort to the abundance of various products to be used when making a dish, f.i. borsch alone engages around two dozens of different products, it is namely the proper combination of the latter that makes it so delicious and nourishing. Ukrainian cuisine abounds in exceptionally great number of homemade meat products, wide use have found both stuffing of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and making of numerous flour, cereal, milk dishes, here also belong the well-known sausages, roasted meat, vareniks, dumplings, porridges, fritters, ryazhenka, and what not.

Delicious gustatory qualities of Ukrainian dishes are attained by means of combined ways of heat treatment of the products involved. Most of them are primarily fried or boiled, then stewed or baked. Numerous dressings are properly combined to make the dishes juicy and appetizing.

The present site describes the most popular now dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, cooking recipes, arrangement, there are also given some hints on dish service.

We are sure that all those interested in the culinary art will find Ukrainian national dishes wholesome and delicious.

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