Stuffed egg “Sunrise”

Stuffed eggBoil an egg and cut it lengthways. Grate or grind the yolk with a spoon, add half of the norm of butter, some mayonnaise dressing and salt. Combine the ingredients till there results a homogeneous mass. Fill in the egg halves with the stuffing by means of a teaspoon (or paper syringe) and join them.

Cut elongated triangles from the thin pieces of sausage and cheese, following which arrange them around the egg as sun rays. Make flowers from the remainder of butter with the help of a sharp knife, put them along the edge of the plate and make final touches with some greens.

One egg, butter — 30 g, four tea-spoons of mayonnaise sauce, boiled sausage — 25 g. Dutch cheese — 27 g, greens and salt — to taste.

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