Zavivanets made of veal

Zavivanets made of vealTake the shoulder of veal, remove the bones, chop up the meat, add some salt and pepper, following which arrange along the shoulder the bacon and ham (cut into stripes), hard boiled eggs (cut lengthwise into four parts); then roll the meat, tie it up with threads at several places, and rub it through with garlic, roll it over in the flour, toast from every side with the help of lard till the veal grows brown, further on add some water into the receptacle, cover the latter with the lid and stew the contents in an oven till the dish gets ready for consumption. Before serving zavivanets take the threads off and cut it into portions, garnish the latter with mashed potatoes, pour over it the warmed up butter and sprinkle with the green of parsley.

Shoulder of veal — one kilo, bacon — 70 g, ham — 70 g, four eggs, four cloves of garlic, one table-spoon of wheaten flour, lard — 40 g, butter — 17 g, ground black pepper, green of parsley, some salt.

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