Verguns a la Kiev

Verguns a la KievGrate eggs with sugar, add melted butter, milk, rum, grated almond, salt, and flour. Make tight dough. Cut the abaisse (made like noodles) into narrow stripes ten to twelve centimeters long, make the latter into braids (seeing to that that the ends meet). Roast in a great amount of lard or vegetable-oil. The ready for service verguns should be put into the plate and powdered with sugar.

Three eggs, three table-spoons of sugar, creamed butter — 35 g, three table-spoons of milk, half a table-spoon of rum, bitter shell-almond — twelve kernels, 2? glass of flour, vegetable-oil (or lard) — 500 g, icing sugar — four table-spoons, salt — to taste.

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