Vegetables stuffed with meat and rice

Vegetables stuffed with meat and riceThe beef should be passed through a meat-cutter, mixed with the fried onions and half-cooked rice, and roasted. Extract the heart from the cleaned vegetables, fill the latter with the stuffing”, slightly toast them, then put the vegetables into a stew-pot, pour them with the sour cream sauce and properly stew. It is good practice to serve the dish coated with the sour cream sauce.

Recipe for sauce: roux the flour, cool it down, mix the contents with the melted butter and pour it into the boiling sour cream, mix the whole contents thoroughly, season with pepper and salt, add some tomato-paste. Cook the sauce for three to five minutes and strain it through a filter cloth.

Beef — 25 g, one onion bulb, one table-spoon of rice, two potatoes, two salted cucumbers, two carrots, butter — 40 g, some salt. To make sauce take one teaspoon of wheaten flour, butter — 40 g, soured cream — 50 g, tomato paste — one table-spoon, ground black pepper, some salt.

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