Ukrainian pancakes with jam

Ukrainian pancakes with jamYolks of eggs should be thoroughly intermixed with sugar, the cream should be poured in, the lemon-peel as well as some salt and the required amount of flour should be also added. When pouring the flour into this mixture see to that that the latter gets properly stirred. The thoroughly whipped whites of eggs should be carefully mixed with the previously obtained mass (having yolks) and all that should be put within a pan into the cold water. Bake cakes on the well greased pan, then coat them with jam, pile them up (one atop another) into the thoroughly greased and breadcrumbled deep pan, following which keep them for ten minutes within an oven. Dust the pancakes with sugar prior to serving.

Ten eggs, one glass of sugar, one glass of cream, two glasses of wheaten flour, butter — 50 g, two glasses of jam, lemon-peel, wheaten rusks, some salt.

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