Ukrainian gabbage-rolls stuffed with meat

Ukrainian gabbage-rolls stuffed with meatTake a head of cabbage, cut its center stern, boil in salted water, drain the water off, divest the cabbage. Pass the beef through the meat-cutter, add some friable millet or rice porridge, rouxed onions, grated garlic; then salt and intermix the whole stuff thoroughly. Put the stuffing onto the prepared cabbage leaves, turn the edges up so that the rolls will acquire the elongated ova! form, following which put the stuffed cabbage-rolls into a stew-pot or sauce-pan, flood them with the sour cream sauce and stew it in an oven till the dish gets ready for consumption.

Recipe for sauce: roux the flour, add some sour cream, following which start stirring and simulta neously pouring the hot broth in. Boil the contents (under weak heating) for eight to ten minutes, then salt, strain, bring to the boiling point fill some butter into the sauce.

It is good practice to coat the stuffed cabbage-rolls with sauce (in which they were basted) and sprinkle them with greenery prior to serving the dish.

One kilo of beef, while head cabbage (one head) rice or millet — eight table-spoons, two onion bulbs, one clove of garlic, some salt. Recipe for sauce one table-spoon of wheaten flour, butter — 40 g, soured cream — 100 g, meat broth — 500 g some salt.

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