Tomatoes stuffed with fish

Tomatoes stuffed with fishPass the fish fillet through a mincer, add some fried onions, half-cooked rice, pepper, salt and mix the whole stuff thoroughly. Cut tomato tops as lids, extract the marzov and put the stuffing to fill in the cavity formed. Put the lids as covers onto the tomatoes, coat the latter with white sauce and bake it in an oven. Garnish the dish with some greens.

Recipe for sauce: roux the flour in butter and dilute it with the strained hot fish consomme (cooked of heads, bones, and tails of the same fish), add finely cut onions and parsley, as well as some butter, lemon juice and spices.

Half a kilo of fish. one onion bulb, 4½ table-spoons of rice, four to five tomatoes, white sauce — 400 g, ground black pepper, some salt. Recipe for sauce: one table-spoon of flour, butter — 1½ tablespoon, fish broth — 2½ glass. Recipe for consomme: one half of an onion bulb, a parsley root, one half of a lemon, ground black pepper, some salt.

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