Tart a la Kiev

Tart a la KievNut kernels should be sauteed, crushed, combined with flour and sugar. The whites of eggs should be whipped up, carefully combined with sugar, vanilla powder and once again whipped, following which all the ingredients should be thoroughly intermixed so that to get a homogeneous mass. Pour the dough into two equal moulds, covered with parchment paper, then bake it in an oven for 1 to 1/2 hrs, the temperature being 150 to 160° C. Coat the bottom patty with the layer of butter cream, the top and the sides of the tart should be coated with the crumbs of patty’s leftovers. It is good practice to decorate the tart with fruits and butter cream.

Recipe for patties: 2/? glass of walnut kernels, one and a half table-spoon of flour, one glass of sugar, one glass of the whites of eggs, sugar (for the egg whites) — one and a half table-spoon, one gram of vanilla powder. To make butter cream take 3U glass of sugar, butter — 150 g, one egg. half a glass of milk, one tea-spoon of cognac, one and a half gram of vanilla powder. Recipe for making chocolate-butter cream: take sugar — 60 g, butter — 75 g. half an egg, a quarter glass of milk, one tea-spoon of cocoa (powder), 1/? g of vanilla powder, half a tea-spoon of cognac.

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