Steppe smazhenina made of mutton

Steppe smazhenina made of muttonThe brisket should be cut into pieces, salted, rolled in flour, and grilled. Cut the onions into rings, the carrots — into cubes, add also parsley, celery, some salt, bay-leaves, clove, zinghiber, and caraway. Having mixed all these ingredients up (together with the roasted brisket), baste it all over with the broth and stew it in an oven till the dish gets ready for consumption. When serving smazhenina it is good practice to garnish it with fried potatoes.

Brisket (mutton) — 600 g, rye flour — two table-spoons, butter — 25 g, two onion bulbs, three carrots, two black round peppercorns, two odorant round peppercorns, six cloves, ? tea-spoon of ginger, ? a tea-spoon of black caraway seeds, consomme 1? I, roots of parsley and celery, bay-leaf, some salt.

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