Slastyonas from semolina

Slastyonas from semolinaCook sticky porridge by pouring dried semolina into the boiling milk. Cool the porridge down, add grated yolks (together with the half norm of sugar), half norm of butter and some salt, stir up the mixture thoroughly, introduce the whipped white of egg into the latter and carefully intermix the whole stuff. The thus prepared mass should be put (with the help of a table-spoon) onto the frying pan (containing the warmd-up butter) and browned from both sides. It is good practice to serve the dish coated with the melted butter, sour cream and dusted with sugar.

One and a half glass of milk, one glass of semolina, two eggs, two table-spoons of sugar, two table-spoons of butter, half glass of sour cream, some salt.

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