Roast meat in pot (Kiev style)

Roast meat in pot (Kiev style)The meat should be finely cut, salted, and roasted till there appears a brown crust, following which put this meat into a saucepan, pour some consomme with mixed spices over the meat and stew the latter till it gets ready for consumption. A potato and a carrot should be cut into cubes and bloomed till they’ll get half-done. Put the meat, potato, carrot, peas into the ceramic pot, the hot mushroom sauce with soured cream pour over its content, add garlic, salt, and coat it with melted butter. Seal the ceramic pot with the cover made of dough and masked with an egg. Stew the whole stuff inside an oven.

To cook roast meat take a piece of beef or mutton up to 200 g. fat for roasting — 15 g, consomme — 200 g, one potato, one carrot, preserved green peas — 30 g, mushroom sauce — 200 g, soured cream — 20 g. one garlic clove, butter — 5 g, some salt. To make the cover for the pot take two table-spoons of flour, sugar — 5 g, margarine — 5 g, ¼ egg, some salt.

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