Pork with vegetables

Pork with vegetablesInto the buttered stew-pan there should be put in layers half of the prepared parsley, one carrot, one onion bulb, onto the latter there should be iaid finely cut pieces of pork (preliminary rolled in flour and well toasted) and half-cooked peas. The whole stuff should be covered with the remaining vegetables, following which add some pepper, bay-leaf, salt, and over the whole contents of the pan there should be poured the broth, then stew the dish for twenty to twenty-five minutes, add some sour cream, tomato-sauce (fried in fat), and finally, set the whole stuff into an oven for eight to ten minutes.

Pork — 500 g, root of parsley — one piece, two carrots, two onion bulbs, one table-spoon of wheaten flour, butter — 40 g, one glass of peas, consomme— 150 g, soured cream — 100 g, tomato-sauce — 2′/s table-spoons, a bay-leaf, black ground pepper, some salt.

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