Pepper (stuffed with meat and rice)

PepperPass the meat through a meat-cutter, add slightly roasted onions and boiled rice as well as pepper and intermix the stuff thoroughly. Pepper-pods should be washed up, cleaned, scalded and kept in water for ten minutes, following which drain the water off. Put the stuffing into the pepper, compactly arrange the stuffed peppers into the sauce-pot or casserole, pour the sauce over the pods, put the dish into an oven and subject its contents to stewing till it gets done. Prior to serving the peppers should be coated with sauce and sprinkled with parsley.

Recipe for sauce: dilute the rouxed flour with the broth, add some sour cream, rouxed tomato-paste and a bay-leaf, following which intermix the contents thoroughly, then boil, salt and strain the resulting mixture.

Beef — 500 g, two onion bulbs, three table-spoons of rice, butter — 25 g, one kilo of sweet peppers, ground black pepper. To make sauce take one table-spoon of wheaten flour, butter — 17 g, broth — 400 g, soured cream—100 g, tomato-paste — two table-spoons, a bay-leaf, some salt.

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