Mushrooms in sour cream

Mushrooms in sour creamImmerse mushrooms into the cold water for four to five hours. Drain the water off, wash the mushrooms thoroughly, boil them, then cut the mushrooms into pieces, fry them in margarine, add some rouxed onions, coat with sour cream sauce and properly stew, then put the contents into cocottes, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake it in an oven till the brown crust gets formed. Recipe for sauce: roux flour in margarine, dilute with consomme, pour the whole mixture into the boiling sour cream, stir the mass till it gets homogeneous, and having added some pepper and salt you should boil the dish for two to three minutes.

Recipe is rated for two cocottes: dried mushrooms — 38 g, margarine — 10 g, one third of an onion bulb, Dutch cheese — 5 g. To make sauce take half a tea-spoon of wheaten flour, margarine — 50 g, consomme (or water) — 30 g, soured cream — 50 g, ground black pepper, some salt.

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