Mock rose

Mock roseWhip up the yolks and whites of eggs together with sugar so that to get a homogeneous mass. Add some creamed butter, rum, flour, a pinch of salt and make dough. Roll the dough thin and cut in it rings of various diameters, overlap the rings one over another (four to five rings per pile), depress them in the very center and make cuts at the ring ends. Panfry in deep grease. The chilled mock roses should be put into the plate and onto the center of the upper petals there should be placed the berries from cherry jam, following which powder the dish with sugar.

Eight egg yolks, four whites of eggs, one table-spoon of sugar, creamed butter — 50 g, one table-spoon of rum, six glasses of flour, vegetable-oil (or lard) — 500 g, sugar powder — 50 g. berries from cherry jam, salt — to taste.

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