Mock mushroom salad

Mock mushroom saladPeel a large potato, wash and cut it into mushroom shape (cone-shape with a flat top), then boil in salty water, following which extract the potato, chili it down and arrange the base of the stem in the middle of a salad-dish. Put a halved tomato on the flat top of the stem, squeeze out dubs of butter into the tomato halve with the help of a wax paper cornucopia. Encircle the mock mushroom with the rings of a hard-boiled egg, cucumber, tomato and onions mixed with soured cream, then atop it all with the greens of dill or parsley.

One potato, one tomato, butter — 5 g, half of an egg, one cucumber green onions — 40 g, soured cream — 50 g, greens of dill or parsley and salt — to taste.

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