Krucheniks (roll meat stewed with buckwheat porridge and mushrooms)

KrucheniksA piece of beef should be finely cut and slightly chopped up. Make stuffing from finely minced and properly boiled dry mushrooms, mealy buckwheat grits, a chopped (hard boiled) egg, and gently roasted onions. Put stuffing onto every prepared piece of meat, roll the meat pipe-like, tie it up with threads and fry it up, following which remove the threads, put the pieces of meat into a stew-pot, add bay-leaves, seized (brown) onions, pour the mushroom broth over the whole stuff, and stew till the dish is ready. Make sauce from the flour, liquid (in which krucheniks were stewed), and the sour cream. Serve the prepared dish together with the fried potatoes and sauce.

One kilo of beef, dried mushrooms — 30 g, buckwheat porridge — 60 g, one egg, two bay-leaves, one tablespoon of flour, sour cream 600 to 800 g, some salt.

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