Cold bolied pork with garlic and onions

Cold bolied porkFill in the flesh of the ham with garlic and onions, pepper, salt, and put into a receptacle, further on add a bay-leaf and dry mint, pour some kvass over and put into a refrigerator for twelve hours, following which extract the contents from the marinade and set into the oven.

The ready for serving cold boiled pork should be cut into pieces, decorated with parsley green and tabled together with potatos or without any garnish — as cold hors d’oeuvres.

500 g cold boiled pork, three cloves of garlic, two bulbs of onion, one bay-leaf, 5 g dry mint, 800 g kvass, 17 g butter, one table-spoon of parsley green, some ground black pepper, a pinch of salt.

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