Carp with honey

Carp with honeyThe fish should be unsealed, washed, portioned, poured over with cold water; following which add a carrot, parsley root, an onion, black peppercorns, some salt and cook the ingredients till they’ll get ready for consumption; then extract the contents from the receptacle, put it into the plate, atop every piece of carp with a lemon slice, an egg ring, and a parsley branch. The fish broth should be passed through straining cloth, boiled down; then add into it some gelatine (wetted in cold water) and bring the contents to the boiling point, then again, filter the broth off, cool it down and mix it with the raisin (boiled in honey). Flood the carp pieces with the resulting broth and place them into a refrigerator.

Half a kilo carp, one carrot, half of parsley root, half of an onion bulb, one egg, two corns of black whole pepper, a lemon, green of parsley, some salt. Recipe for jelly: fish broth, gelatine — 10 g, honey — 50 g, raisin — 50 g.

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