Carp (stuffed with buckwheat porridge and mushrooms)

CarpThe fish should be unsealed, washed out; extract the spine, intestines and gills through the backbone edge of the carp. The mushrooms should be boiled, finely cut, and fried with onions. Resort to fish consomme when cooking friable buckwheat porridge, add into the latter mushrooms, fresh eggs, pepper, and some salt. Intermix all these ingredients thoroughly and stuff this contents into the fish, following which the latter should be salted, rolled in flour, toasted in butter on a saucepan and, finally, placed into an oven. Serve the carp (when it’s ready) portioned.

One kilo carp, dried mushrooms — 50 g, one bulb and a half of onions, butter — 100 g, mushroom broth — one glass and a half, four table-spoons of buckwheat, three eggs, two table-spoons of wheaten flour, ground black pepper, some salt.

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