Cabbage soup in zaporozhye style

Cabbage soup in zaporozhye styleCook meat consomme. Braise sauerkraut till it gets half-done and simultaneously add some grease and broth. The carrot, parsley root, celery root, onion bulb should be cut into fine stripes and rouxed in butter. Grate (with a pestle) grease together with an onion bulb, the green of parsley and millet within the mortar. The potatoes cut into cubes, bay-leaves, round pepper, salt and (in a quarter of an hour) the rest of the components should be put into the consomme. When serving the cabbage soup, put into the plate a piece of meat, cultured cream, and finely cut green of parsley.

Pork — 400 g, sauerkraut — 600 g, butler — 35 g, one carrot, one parsley root, root celery — one piece, one onion bulb, grease — 50 g, one table-spoon of green of parsley, two tablespoons of millet, four to five potatoes, two bay-leaves, two odorant round peppercorns, cultured cream — 100 g.

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